In a packed coffee shop near the Capitol, a Senate staffer explained what the "real issue" was for Democrats in the next

few days. He said that it was "how to continue reading from the same piece of music without the music." "So much of

the world is known and so much of the unknown are at the same moment," he said. This was primarily a reference

to Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona, who is the Party's most troubled known unknown. They wanted to bring a broad

reconciliation bill to a vote prior to the August recess. However, they needed to have support from all fifty of their

members. Sinema had not spoken a word by Tuesday, despite the recess being scheduled to start on Friday

There was no Democratic majority in Senate. Anyone could be a livewire, but Sinema's silence carried an alarmingly

credible accusation. A senior staffer said to me on Tuesday that Sinema could do any thing right now.

A breakthrough deal made by Joe Manchin and Chuck Schumer (the Majority Leader) blindsided every member

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