The movie is now available on Netflix. This means that fans who missed it in theaters will likely be able to watch

post credits scene. The Unchartedmovie is loosely adapted from the Unchartedvideogame franchise. Tom Holland

Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg plays Victor Sullivan. This movie is a prequel to the videogame franchise.

to the videogame franchise. It explains how the characters met and retconning many aspects of the original story.

The Uncharted movie took creative liberties with its source material, allowing for a story that respected the games

but wasn't faithful to them. Although this was a controversial choice, the Unchartedmovie contained many video game

references which made it feel like an integral part of the franchise. This is more apparent in

Uncharted’s two post-credits scenes. Each of these scenes set up moments from different Unchartedgames.

The second and last post-credits scenes show Nathan Drake at a bar, brokering a deal with Gage (Pilou Andaek).

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